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Fiske in Sävsjö - 3 matches

Fishing at the Hagens Camping/Vrigstad elkpark

Area: Vrigstad  Map

Fiske Try fishing in our small lake. You fish for free, and when you get a fish you pay per kilo.

Rent a canoe.

Area: Sävsjö  Map

Bad, Båt och båtturer, Fiske [...] Welcome to the camping site of Sävsjö. Here you will also find a lake where you can rent a canoe and go out on your own to explore the lake, and why not try to catch some fish m...

Sunnerby Södergård

Area: Vrigstad  Map

Bad, Båt och båtturer, Cykel [...] Sunnerby Södergård is located in a rural idyll on the highlands of Småland. There is room for peace and quiet but also for adventure with many suggestions on experiences and act...