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Kyrkor in Sävsjö - 5 matches

Full day in Nydala and Vrigstad

Area: Vrigstad  Map

Kulturhistoriska miljöer, Kyrkor, Parker och trädgårdar [...] Feel the history of Nydala unique monastic environment. Nydala monastery was founded in 1143. Visit the monastery church, port chapel and monastery garden. The afternoon we use...

Häradsvägen Tourist road

Area: Sävsjö  Map

Bad, Fornlämningar, Kyrkor [...] Häradsvägen is part of Njudungs history. The project raised a 18 kilometers of highway ahead. This road goes from Vallsjö old church to Northern Ljunga Church, two 1100-century ...

Norra Ljunga Church

Area: Sävsjö  Map

Kyrkor In the old district with burial ground, stone circles and linear village rises 1100-century church with its stubby tower and their sparsely decorated walls. The famous church pa...

Vallsjö neew Church

Area: Sävsjö  Map

Kyrkor Vallsjö church was built in 1890-1891 and designed by arktiekt G Petersson in Jönköping. The church is built of gray granite in the Gothic Revival style. The three-sided chancel...

Vallsjö old Church

Area: Sävsjö  Map

Kyrkor At Vallsjön beach is a cultural gem of "Njudungsbyggden". Vallsjö old church is completely medieval character, and is adjacent to the ancient cult site at Sigfridskällan. Pulpit...

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