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Boda Borg

Address: Runstigen, 576 35 Sävsjö Show map

Address: Runstigen, 576 35 Sävsjö

An adventure for everyone! A house with 16 "Quests" and around 50 challenging rooms that are waiting to be solved. Gather the company, friends, family, or compound and experience Boda Borg together.

Form teams of 3-5 people. Each Quest has 3-5 challenging place after another the three difficulty settings are green, red and black. Inside the challenges you have two minutes in which to solve the tasks. Successfully complete the task and you get you the green light of the lamp inside the room and you can go further into the quest. The goal is to reach the last room where you will find the stamp box, outwit the last challenge, and you can stamp your card and where to obtain proof that you passed the quest. In case of failure or spent more than 2 minutes you will have to start from the beginning again or choose another quest.

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    0046 0382-67550
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    576 35 Sävsjö
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