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Address: Stora Torget 4, 57635 Sävsjö Show map

Address: Stora Torget 4, 57635 Sävsjö

Sugar Klara is built on several years of dreams of a store with a lot of heart and soul. A restful place with a sense of home.

We want to help you find inspiration for your home through well-chosen details. To shape your living space is to animate it and a home with a soul is a ubiquitous port to look forward to. L'âme you maison. The name "Sugar Clara" is linked to the neighborhood with the old woman Kajsa Peter's daughter, who lived in Sävsjö in the early 1900s and which manufactured sweets that she lay in cones and handed out to the children. A sweet story, well worth founding a store. Primarily an interior design shop with a well-chosen assortment of peasant romantic, rustic spirit. We also offer a choice of coffee, tea and of course, candy. We are delighted all who have the opportunity to visit our store in Sävsjö. If you want to ask something, have an opinion about our website, or just want to talk about that which is dear to our heart - the original French inspired decor; welcome to contact us.

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    0046 0382-577070
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    Stora Torget 4
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    57635 Sävsjö
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