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The Sanatorium forrest

Address: Sanatorievägen Sävsjö Show map

Address: Sanatorievägen Sävsjö

Sanatorieskogen is located in central Sävsjö. The forest's name comes from Sävsjös Sanatorium that was built here in 1907. The sanatorium was a hospital for lung diseases, and the strengthening forest air was part of the treatment.

The sanatorium was surrounded by a beautiful park and in parts of the forest can still see the shrubs and flowers that belong in the park. In Sanatorieskogen are walking paths, a campsite with fixed windbreaks and along the river is a dock. Walk and enjoy, and join him at the camp. Next to the forest lies Perennial Park and Lagoon. Here you can enjoy Sävsjö Garden beautiful blomserodlingar and the glistening water mirror.

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